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NC, us
About me:
I am a native Appalachian from North Carolina and wear aprons with watermelon pockets, have blue ink for blood, and am double jointed. In addition I enjoy all forms of writing, reading, painting, embroidery work, doll collector (look at view my images), and am an avid quilter (look at view my images for pictures of quilts I made in 2008), which evolves from my native roots. I live with passion and sincerely hope you enjoy reading my work and my books. You can view copies of my books under My Favorite Sites. Thanks for visiting me & come back SOON!
Highlands NC
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I love to sew!!! Do you? Here's another great site to buy material. http://www.seworiginalsandbead.com/servlet/StoreFront

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My Occupation

1. Mother of four
2. Grandmother of eight
3. Wonderful Wife
4. Lazy Writer

My Hobbies

1. Torturing my hubby by living. (Look under view my images, file name Coot! Doesn't he look tortured???)
2. Spending all the money I can. (had a prenup - what's mine is mine & what's hubby's is mine too)
3. Trying to see how little sleep I require.
4. Collecting dolls (Just click on view my images and look at part of my collection!)
5. Traveling (even if it's only by astral voyage)

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